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You’ve come here for a purpose. To make the navigation around the website easier, here is the list of categories and topics you’ll find the information about. is your guide in the world of your body transformations! There are many descriptions of ways and methods you can do at home, but if you’ve decided to go to the gym, it’ll only boost up the effect.


So, what is this website about? There is the list of some topics you’ll find here.


Burn Fat – this category will tell you about most effective methods and systems of getting rid of the extra fat on your body. Here you can read about basics of nutrition and trainings without which it’s just impossible to move on. Visit it, read our articles, discuss them, and it’s completely for free.


Trainings – the name of this category speaks for itself. Here you’ll see detailed training exercises and whole training systems made by experienced trainers, which will help you keep your body fit.


Main types of trainings:

1. Cardio trainings (interval and high-intensity) are most effective trainings for fat-burning. Forget what you’ve been told of earlier. Forget about lengthy exhausting aerobic trainings on running mills and likewise machines. Interval exercises for fat-burning will show you the astonishing result much quicker. If you’re limited in time or want to get the quickest result, go here!

2. Power trainings – these are trainings with additional weights (your own weight, dumbbells, the bar-bell, weights etc) aimed for adopting your body to the short but very intensive stresses. Power trainings are very power additives to cardio exercises and they are even the necessary condition for obtaining the maximum result, for both men and women.

3. Other types of fat-burning exercises – all the rest that don’t belong to categories mentioned above are related to that.


Food – posts about theory and practice of healthy nutrition for both losing and gaining weight. If you still believe that right nutrition means different diets, vegan diet, raw food, and other popular fades, you’re mistaken. Here you also get some information about different food additives, boosters etc.
Recipes – the category for those who are tired of browsing Internet and inventing their own menu. Here you’ll find ready-made solutions for your kitchen or can share your own ones.

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